About Us

At Wildstar Technologies, we believe that your organization's business processes not your technology portfolio are key to succeeding in the marketplace. As such, we realize that our technological solutions must compliment and adapt to the way you operate while remaining easily configurable by business people.

Measuring the value a technological solution brings to an organization is often difficult to quantify. Most software products are licensed with per seat or enterprise level agreements and it is not uncommon for vendors to require an annual maintenance contract for continued use of the product.

Our business model is characterized as Professional Open Source which means that the exact same products that we sell can be downloaded from our web site at no cost. Revenue is derived through our professional services organization which can quickly install and configure our solutions to meet the specific business needs of your organization. In addition, we provide a range of technical support plans which assure any problem you may encounter is resolved quickly.

Although the software we produce is made available free of charge, Wildstar Technologies, LLC. retains the copyright and intellectual property rights. Ongoing support and maintenance of our solutions is performed by employees of Wildstar Technologies which ensures strict adherence to our architectural design principles and rigorous quality control processes.